Donatello Robinson is a character created by Darkest Shadow.

General Info

Donatello Albert Robinson is a forty-four-year-old man. He is happily married to Ashley Robinson for over twenty years, and have two children: Louis and Lyra. He loves his family more than anything, and he was always there for them whenever they needed him. Donatello is the proud owner of one of the biggest car dealerships in Texas. Because of this, however, he had to move away to Texas in 2015 and leave his family. He flies back several times a year to check up on all of them for birthdays and anniversaries and such.

However, though he loves his job and is very happy with his job, he is planning on moving back sometime soon....



His beloved wife, Donatello and Ashley are a happily married couple, wed for over twenty years. They first met when the two both were at dinner in New York and both of their dates left them. That's when they started to date each other, which blossomed into a marriage and birthing two kids. They all lived happily together until Donatello had to move away to Texas. Not wanting to deal with the pain of divorce, Ashley and Donatello are still married, though they only see each other once-three times a month now. He will return in a few years to reunite the family.


His first-born son, Donatello loves Louis. He was a lot closer to him than his mother, and he played a huge role in his life during his time living with him. Louis looked up to his father as an inspirational figure and wanted to be just like him. He was the one who taught him how to surf and play sports. Louis calls him almost every day because he misses him.


His second child, Donatello shares a close bond with his daughter. He spent a lot of time raising her to be just like his son, but she was very closed in to him. Lyra kept several secrets from him, the biggest one being about her sexuality, but he completely understood when Ashley told him.

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