Louis and Dawn
Type of Relationship
June 7, 2003 (Dawn's birth)

This explains the relationship between Louis Robinson and Dawn Clareton.

Original Universe

Louis and Dawn didn't grow up close together, in fact, they only saw each other about 3-5 times a year. Louis grew up in Michigan and Dawn in Missouri, which was about a two hour flight. However, whenever they visited each other, it was an awesome adventure for the both of them. They both had a similar ambition and thirst for action.

However, both of them moved around the same time to a similar area. Louis moved to Connecticut and Dawn moved to New York. Because of this, the two got much closer to each other. They really felt a close-knit sibling like bond, and visited each other much more often. Dawn looks up to Louis as an inspiration to do better things.

Oftentimes when Dawn visits Louis, she hangs out with his circle of friends. All of his friends love Dawn, and they wish that she lived in Autumn Springs so they could hang out more. Louis doesn't really hang out with Dawn's friend group, because they're all girls and they don't like him that much.

Pokemon Universe

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