Cquote1 What we have is special, and I don't wanna lose it, you know? You have no idea how important you are to me. Cquote2
Emma to Louis
Louis and Emma
Type of Relationship
Best friend;like family;hook up
May 2007

This explains the relationship between Louis Robinson and Emma Calero.

Original Universe

Louis and Emma have been best friends for over a decade. They are almost like siblings and have a very special bond with each other. They were the two that started their normal friend group, The Gang.

How they met was described by both of them as "magical". Just like the first verse of the popular 1980's song "Don't Stop Believing"', Louis, from Detroit Michigan, and Emma, from Chapel Hill Tennessee, both get on the same train and are moving to the same place. Talk about a coincidence! Louis was ten and Emma was around nine, so they didn't really know how amazing this was. Being around the same age, the two talked to each other the whole time their on the train, regardless of what their parents warned them. They were in the same grade, so she promised that she'll talk to him more in school.

Emma kept her promise and the two started going over each other's houses. Emma then showed her the ability she has been keeping from her parents;the ability to communicate with animals. He watched a bird actually land on her finger. Louis tried doing it, but it flied away. She also whistled a certain song to make them come down to her. Louis tried whistling something else, and nothing happened. He thought that the girl was magic and now definitely wanted to keep her as a close friend.

During middle school, Emma became best friends with the new girl;Marmalade. Emma was also the one who set the two up together for the first time. While Louis was clearly the alpha, Emma became the mediator of the group, holding everyone together and figuring out ways to reduce tension.

When Louis and Marmalade were dating, Emma was the one that pushed that action to happen. When they broke up, both times, she would be the one they both went to. She favored Marmalade for the first one, and then Louis for the second.

Reality Universe

The reality universe copies exactly how they met in the original universe, except they both move to Rosewood together.

Pokemon Universe

Completely different from the original universe, the two meet at a Summer Camp held in Azalea Town and were paired up in almost everything, and became good friends in the process. Their moms still keep in touch while the kids didn't see each other for five years.

During Louis's gym battle, he was unaware that the girl that was watching the two of them battle was Emma.

Sonic Universe

The two met in a way very similar to the Pokemon Universe, except it was held in the same town Chris lived in.

Ship Names

  • Loumma (Most common)
  • Lemma
  • Emmis
  • NatureWisdomShipping (Pokemon)
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