Louis and Erica
Type of Relationship
Good friends
February 2014

This explains the relationship between Louis Robinson and Erica Askiname.

Original Universe

Louis met Erica Mader on her first day, when she was enrolled in Evergreen Middle School as a seventh grader. Louis noticed she was lonely at lunch and decided to go talk to her and become friends. The two instantly connect, and he invites her to sit with them at their table. He then later hangs out with her and the two start to bond and become friends. Unbeknownst to the rest of his friends, Erica Mader isn't really who she says she is.

However, this charade didn't last long. Louis started to put the puzzle pieces together;her strange hairline, her non-prescription specs, something was up. One day, Louis hung out with Erica and the two grabbed a bite to eat, and then when Erica invited him back over to her "house", Louis instantly recognized Erica's "dad". He saw him as a waiter, and his name was Roger Carmichael. This is where he busted her, and Erica surrendered. Taking off her wig, she shurgged. He freaked out, but then told him that it has to stay between them. 

Two months later, Erica tells the group of friends who she really is, and they all help her with her charade. They keep her true identity a secret, as well as benefiting off the fact that she can literally do whatever she wants. Louis views Erica as a diamond in the rough, and a genuine person to talk to. Erica really likes to talk to Louis and feels like she can open up around him.

On Louis and Marmalade's anniversary, Erica bought the two a vacation to France, and permission to stay at her mansion in Marisallie. 

Louis was very skeptical about the fact that Erica was in love with Kendrick. He warned her about how much of a hassle it could be to date someone like Kendrick. For the duration of that relationship, Erica wouldn't talk to him as much as she used to. When it ended, she apologized to Louis for avoiding him, saying that Kendrick didn't want her to have anything to do with him. 

Erica took Louis with her to England to retrieve Zack after his accident. Erica brought up taking Emma with them, in which Louis quickly shut down the idea, saying that a situation like that would "fuck up her state of mind".  

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