Louis and Gwen
Type of Relationship
Close friends;Kissed once;Like family
January 2011 (Meeting)

This explains the relationship between Louis Robinson and Gwen Orrcut.

Original Universe

Goth Gwen grew up with Louis in elementary school, but they didn't really talk to each other. Louis found her to be a strange girl, and she thought of him to be too happy. However, while Louis had a group of friends to talk to, Gwen was left alone. One day, Louis invited her to sit with them during lunch, and she hesitantly agreed. She found all of them to be pretty strange.

She started to feel a connection with Louis, as if he saw something in her that she didn't see in herself. The two became closer friends as she started to open up to him, and by middle school, they had a tight bond. He then realized that another one of his friends, Ryan, seemed to be interested in Gwen. Louis helped Gwen convince Ryan to hang out with them just to see if he had chemistry with her, and it turned out to be in his favor.

The two developed mutual feelings for each other, and Louis was like the minister of their uncertain relationship. Both of them opened up to him about how they feel and Louis finally set the two up. Gwen couldn't be any more thankful for that.

Though the two are only friends, they had one intimate moment together. When Ryan went away on vacation for his brother Phaymen's 25th birthday, Gwen and Louis both were walking on a rainy day and passed his house. She then starts to talk about how much she misses him and how he will come back. She then kisses Louis for about ten seconds, which she then retracts and apologizes, telling him that it was in the moment. He understood as they continued to walk. 

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