Louis and Ryan
Type of Relationship
Best friends

This explains the relationship between Louis Robinson and Ryan Fortune.

Original Universe

Louis and Ryan had a rocky start to their friendship. Ryan first met him in 2009, when he found him in the bathroom. A box of cigarettes fell out of his pocket, and Louis warned him about how dangerous it is, followed by Ryan telling him "Fuck off, kid." The two didn't see each other for a long time.

Then, in 2013, Ryan and his delinquent friends got thrown in jail for robbing a store. The sentence was for two years. When the word got around in Louis's school, it also got around to the parents. His father, Donatello wasn't going to let this happen. Two weeks into his sentence, Louis's father paid around 8,000 dollars to bail Ryan out of jail. This brought the two closer, and Louis even invited for him to hang out with his clique, but he firmly declined.

It didn't take long for him to give in and join Louis's circle of friends however. He found out that Gwen, the only friend he had left, already is good friends with them, so she persuaded him to join them.

Louis and Ryan built up a brotherly friendship, and eventually even got him to quit smoking cigarettes for a period. Ryan even told him about his past, and how he had trouble growing up. Though they are very different, Ryan considers Louis to be the closest thing he has to family.

Ryan was there for Louis when he broke things off with Marmalade for good. He said that what she did was messed up, and if she did it while drunk, she thought about doing it while sober. One night, he asked him if he wanted to try tripping on LSD with Gwen and Nick. Louis never tried psychedelics before, but agreed and had a great time.

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