Louis and Zack
Type of Relationship
Best friends
September 2014

This explains the relationship between Louis Robinson and Zack Fandazi.

Original Universe

Zack easily made friends when he moved to America from the UK in 2014. He was widely known as one of the best football players in the state, and he was very lucky to have a kid like Louis as a friend. They met at a football game, when Erica asked the gang to watch the opening game for the Rooks with her. The two were using the bathroom around the same time. Zack was openly friendly to everyone, due to the fact that he was new, and instantly became friends with Louis. After the game, Louis introduced Zack to the rest of The Gang. He knew Erica prior to their meeting, so he easily became friends with all of them, and eventually joined their circle of six, making it seven.

When Louis moved up to ASHS, Zack hung out with him much more, and invited him to several high school parties. The football team generally disliked Louis because he was dating one of the hottest freshmen in the school. Zack views Louis to be a very good-hearted person with no wrongs. Louis helped out Zack adjust to American culture, and taught him the proper slang.

When Zack got his license, he always picked up Louis and the two drove around everywhere together. He found Louis to be the easiest to connect with out of all of them, and the most relatable too.

During the time Louis was single, Zack invented a fun game called "fishing", where they would go drive around to public places and try to pick up girls. While Louis wasn't so great at it, Zack easily was the King of the game. Two arrive on scene in the car, and six of them end up on the car ride home.

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