Cquote1 I can't take the pain anymore. I tried everything. My therapist up'ed my dosage to the max, and nothing's working. Nothing can change what I did. I fucked up, really bad. All of my life, I fucked up. If my mom saw me, she would be so disappointed. I can see through Eileen's bullshit. She says she's proud, but she isn't. Life fucking sucks. I can't stop thinking about Louis. He was the one thing that made me happiest, stronger than any drug, any anti-depressant, any anything. Now he's gone, fucking Lucy. She's the luckiest bitch I know. This is my suicide note, I love you all. Cquote2
Marmalade's suicide note
Alexis Heartswell
Full Name
Alexis Sasha Heartswell
  • Marmalade
  • Lexi
  • Lex
  • Marm
  • Alex
  • Gorgeous (Louis)
  • Lex-ray (Louis and Emma)
  • Ivory (Gwen)
  • Hair Princess (Nick)
  • Spoiled Brat (Band geeks)
19 (February 19, 2001)
Chaoitc Neutral/Hero
Average: 120 lbs
  • Cheerleading
  • Tumbling
  • Singing
  • Element
    Instagram Followers
    Best Friends
  • Emma
  • Louis
  • Gwen
  • Ryan
  • Zack
  • Erica
  • Sierra
  • Mackenzie
  • Melissa
  • Heather
  • Athena
  • Enemies
  • Collin
  • Lucy
  • Kendrick
  • Romantic Interests
  • Nick (Boyfriend)
  • Louis (Ex)
  • Kendrick (Ex)
  • Adam (Ex)
  • Brett (Ex)
  • Chad (Ex)
  • Larry (Ex)
  • Birthplace
    Newington, Connecticut
    Current Residence
    Autumn Springs, Connecticut
  • Allstar Cheerleading (All year round)
  • High School Cheerleading (Autumn)
  • Sexuality
    Cuban and Irish
    Autumn Springs High School (Class of 2019)

    Alexis Heartswell, also known as Marmalade, is a character created by Darkest Shadow.

    General Info

    Alexis Sasha Heartswell is a nineteen-year-old girl living in Autumn Springs, Connecticut. She currently lives with her father and stepmother. Her birth mother took her own life when she was only eight years old. She also was gifted a pet cat as an adolescent, which she named "Fluffy". 

    Back in high school, Marmalade was very popular. Everybody wanted to be like her. She sometimes used to get away with things, like cheating on tests, because of her beauty. She was in an exclusive relationship with Louis for over two years.

    After high school, she took a lot of emotional damage, almost committing suicide ten years after her mother did. Her friends helped convince her to seek mental help, and she checked herself into an asylum.

    Six months later, she was released and turned over a new leaf. She now works at a Elm's Dinner as a waitress and has taken time to study psychology at a community college in hopes of transferring to a bigger university.


    Alexis was born to Phillip and Daniella Heartswell. She had a strong affection for both of her parents and loved them both very much. However, her father was the one that won her heart, as the mother was almost never home and was always at work in Boston. One night, when she was eight, her mother killed herself from an overdose involving alcohol and multiple drugs. Her death completely changed her life, and more importantly her father's. He started to become abusive towards her daughter out of anger and grief for his wife.

    In absence of a motherly figure, Philip wanted a nanny to watch Alexis grow while he was busy at work, so he hired a lovely young woman named Eileen to babysit. At first, Marmalade hated Eileen, but over the years she started to grow on her. The two rebirthed a pure relationship, almost identical to Marmalade and her mother's. Eileen watched over Marmalade for about six or seven years, until Philip felt like she was old enough.

    In the sixth grade, Alexis and her friends were at her house, and they all played a game where they had to come up with stripper names for themselves. This is where she coined her well-known nickname, Marmalade. People just kept calling her that from now on.

    Alexis used to be overweight. However, the popular kids still liked her for who she was. She was a great cheerleader and still had the potential to be very pretty. However, she was mocked for her weight a lot, and it held her back from doing a lot of things, specifically, getting on the Allstar Cheerleading Team. She started dieting and working out a lot, and in a half a year, she was at least half of her weight.

    When she was thirteen, she has already had three previous relationships. However, while they fell head over heels for somebody like her, she didn't feel a strong relationship towards either of them. That was, until she fell in love with somebody unexpected;her best friend. She hid her feelings as best as she could, until Emma found out he felt just the way she did, and so he asked her out and she was bubbling with excitement.

    During freshman year, those who didn't know her back then would've never guessed how fat she was in middle school. She looked gorgeous, but she was already taken. Boys fell in love with her and she became an icon around her school.

    At sixteen, her father had some shocking news for her. He planned on getting married to a very special woman, who he revealed to be her old nanny. When Marmalade heard about this she started to cry and told him that her mother was irreplacable. But then she realized that it was his happiness and there would be no better choice for a new mother than Eileen.

    In 2019, after she cheated on Louis, the two broke up. This damaged Marmalade psychologically. She slept with a couple of guys to get over it, but it didn't feel the same. There was no love. She even slept with Gwen. Over the summer, while Philip and Eileen left for a weekend, Marmalade was left home alone. Overridden with complete sadness, she almost took her own life. She was stopped by Louis, Emma and Gwen. A couple days later, they convince her to check herself into an asylum to get help.

    She stayed there for six months. During her time there, she participated in group therapy, one-on-ones and learned how beautiful life truly can be. She was given medication to stop the suicidal thoughts and fight her depression. She started to practice meditation, learned about her peer's handicaps and studied their behavior. Over that course of time, not only was she back to normal, but she saw life with a new set of eyes.

    In 2020, as a New Years Resolution, she stopped going by Marmalade and started simply going by Alexis as a sign of growth. She applied to college in hopes of becoming a psychologist, even retaking the SAT's in hopes of getting in.


    Alexis comes off as a confident, headstrong, empowering young woman with a strong intuition. If her gut tells her something is off, she won't question it. She believes she can do whatever she wants if she puts her mind to it. She always speaks what's on her mind can easily point out flaws in the way somebody presents themself.

    Alexis usually has little to know trouble when making friends. Back in high school, she would only be friends with people that either matched her energy or her looks, with a few exceptions. Aside from her circle of friends, everybody knew how likable and charismatic she was, and considered themselves lucky to get the chance to talk to her. She turned down a lot of people, saying she didn't really feel like listening to them talk. Now, she generally accepts anyone. She tends to talk a lot, up to the point where it's irritating at times.

    As a teen, Alexis used to have a bad attitude. She was what one would consider a "spoiled little brat" or an "A-Class bitch". Rebellious and self-absorbed, she only cared about herself. If she wasn't the hot topic of her area, she would find a way. She was always obsessed with how she looked, constantly asking her friends if she was pretty or not.

    Sometimes, Alexis used to come off as rude. Words like, "please" and "excuse me" weren't a part of her everyday vocabulary. If someone had a problem with her, she would just ignore it, and then later explain why they are wrong.

    Underneath her mask of confidence lies a history of clinically diagnosed depression; Depression stemming from her mother's suicide, her father's abuse, and breaking up with the only man she ever loved. Every now and then, she would have episodes of bleak sadness complimented with suicidal thoughts and unnecessary roughness with others. She took anti-depressants to help with the pain, but some days she wouldn't want to.

    Alexis used to have a short temper when she was angry. A heart of fire, she would sometimes get into physical fights. When something goes wrong, she isn't afraid to make a scene. However, after a chaotic episode, she would crumble and apologize for acting the way she would.

    After checking herself into therapy, Alexis learned to become more sympathetic and observant of the way others are. She learned to listen to other's problems and became better at solving problems. She now sees the world with a new pair of eyes and hopes to help others with problems similar to hers.

    Physical Appearance

    Marmalade is decently tall for her age, standing at 5 feet 7 inches and weighing in at 120 lbs. She is a beautiful girl with peach skin. Her blonde hair has bangs in the front and on the sides of her ears, and the back of it goes down up to about the top of her thighs. Her eyes are a vibrant mint-green turquoise color.



    Screen Shot 2020-06-19 at 10.33.28 PM

    Marmalade's immediate family consists of her stepmother and father. Not much is known about her extended family. All of her grandparents passed away before she was born.

    Marmalade was very close to her birth mother, Daniella. She couldn't have asked for a better woman to raise her for the short eight years she was around. Daniella's death completely corrupted not only her, but also her father. Marmalade mourns her death frequently to this day, and often prays that she is doing well in a much better place.

    Philip and her daughter have an unstable, but very loving relationship. Marmalade was always a daddy's girl growing up, so they had a very close bond. When her mother died, Philip was also traumatically affected, as he started to develop anger and frequently take it out on his daughter and the housekeep. However, over the years, the two have rekindled the relationship they once lost and are now very happy together.


    Marmalade met Eileen when she was only eight, a few months after the death of her mother. Eileen considered Marmalade to be like family. When Philip chose for her to be the nanny, she gladly accepted and she watched her blossom. Marmalade initially didn't like her that much, but she eventually grew on her and they grew very close with each other.

    They both knew how horrible parental death was, and Eileen helped her cope with her grief from experience. She understood Marmalade's struggle and comforted her whenever she needed it. Marmalade used Eileen like she was like her diary and told her all of her problems and secrets.

    Eileen acted like a second mother to Marmalade, as she defended her when her father was abusing her. She fought back like a guardian angel. When Philip let her off the hook, she was devasted. However, in 2018, Marmalade found out that Philip was planning to marry her, and by the end of the year, Eileen became her stepmother.


    Main Article: Louis and Marmalade

    Louis and Marmalade are broken-up. The two have shown affectionate feelings toward each other for a long time until Louis asked her out almost a year ago. Emma originally set them up before, but it didn't work. It is unknown what has driven Louis to ask her out. They had two relationships, the first one ended because the two wanted to go on a break see other people, but they got back together a few months later.

    In January 2019, Marmalade went to a party without her boyfriend and got herself completely wasted. She solicited one of Nick's friends, Luke, into having sex with her. The next morning, neither of them remembering the night before, they agreed to not say anything to anyone. Secretly, Marmalade did remember the events of the night before, and felt guilty about it. The weeks following were very awkward for the two of them, until she came clean and the two separated, right before Valentine's Day.

    The tension in the group was unhealthy, so Emma decided to force the two to make amends somehow to restore balance in the circle. Marmalde formally apologized and Louis accepted. As of now, they are on good terms. Louis supported her efforts to turn her life around after she was checked out of the asylum.


    Main Article: Emma and Marmalade

    Marmalade and Emma have been best friends ever since they met. Marmalade was the only one who believed Emma about the whole talking to animals thing. She even bought Marmalade a puppy named "Fluffy". In return, Marmalade did everything she could to turn Emma into a popular girl. Emma is the one who kept pushing Louis and Marmalade to date.


    Main Article: Nick and Marmalade

    Nick and Marmalade have a long history together. Marmalade and Nick have that comical funny relationship, where the two always sat together and made each other laugh. Being the two popular kids of his clique, they are always seen as the life of the party. Nick has had a long-lasting crush on Marmalade and gets jealous of her boyfriends very easily.

    Early in 2020, out of desperation, Marmalade caved and hooked up with Nick. She admitted that it was the best sex she had in a while. They are now dating.


    Main Article: Marmalade and Erica

    Erica and Marmalade are considered to be besties. The two always go shopping whenever they hang out, and love to talk about recent gossip. Marmalade considers Erica to be the most relatable on literally everything, like interests in fashion, music, etc.


    Main Article: Marmalade and Gwen

    Being a cheerleader, Marmalade and Gwen absolutely wanted nothing to do with each other in the beginning. However, when she was introduced to Louis's gang, Marmalade was livid. However, she started to understand why Gwen was goth. During freshman year, Marmalade was probably her closest friend, and gave her an extreme makeover to turn her from goth to gorgeous.

    One night, in an effort to get over Louis, Marmalade and Gwen get high together. She blacks out and wakes up the next morning in the same bed as Gwen, very confused.


    Main Article: Ryan and Marmalade

    Ryan and Marmalade are good friends. They don't talk much, but she finds him to be a funny person. She's usually his go-to smoke buddy.


    Main Article: Marmalade and Sierra

    Sierra and Marmalade are best friends. They have known each other since elementary school, where they were partners in a project. The two were both on the same all-star team for cheerleading, and then later ended up becoming cheerleaders for their high school team.


    Main Article: Kendrick and Marmalade

    Marmalade and Kendrick briefly went out during the gap of her breakup with Louis. She didn't like him that much and said that his penis was "fun-size". After she dumped him, he showed his friends Marmalade's nudes. This did not end well for him, as he was severely beaten up by Louis after that.


    Main Article: Marmalade and Lucy

    Marmalade isn't very fond of Lucy. Marmalade first broke up with Louis because he thought that he had feelings for her. Even now, she still thinks that Louis spends too much time with her. They haven't talked since Lucy ended things with him.


    Heather and Marmalade are good friends. They hang out often, and had several classes in school together. When her sister, Lucy was dating Louis, Marmalade spent less time with her.  


    Mackenzie and Marmalade are good friends. They both cheer on the same all-star team, and they hang out often.


    Melissa and Marmalade are good friends.


    Athena and Marmalade are good friends.


    • Marmalade's favorite color is orange.
    • Marmalade can't stand seafood.
    • Marmalade's name was influenced by the popular 1975 hit song, "Lady Marmalade" by Labelle, and her sassy attitude reflects the 2001 remake of the song by Christina Aguilera, Pink, Mya and Lil' Kim.
    • Marmalade gets very offended and jealous when people say Emma is "more beautiful" than her.
    • Marmalade normally wakes up for school at 5:45, but on her days off she can sleep a full 24 hours.
    • Marmalade thought the term "Netflix n chill" actually meant watch TV and cuddle
    • Some people think that Emma's little sister, Melissa, is actually Marmalade's little sister because of their shocking physical and character resemblence.
    • Marmalade kissed everyone in The Gang.
      • She had sex with half of them (all except for Ryan, Zack, Emma and Erica)
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