The Gang is the name for Louis and his circle of friends in Autumn Springs.


Ryan Zack Nick Louis

Gwen Emma Erica Marmalade

Associated People

  • Dawn: Louis's cousin, The Gang loves Dawn. Though she doesn't hang out with them often, since she isn't from Autumn Springs, so she visits them often and hangs out with them.
  • Lyra: Louis's younger sister, Lyra loves to hang out with The Gang, usually when they are at Louis's house. They all like her, even though Louis still finds her very annoying.
  • Lucy: A good friend of Louis's, Lucy sometimes hangs out with the gang, since she doesn't have many friends. Marmalade doesn't like her that much, though.
  • Kendrick: Kendrick has a lot of bad history with the gang. He dated both Marmalade and Erica at one point, and gets into frequent fights with Louis.
  • Josh: Louis's best friend on the ice hockey team. Josh likes hanging out with them since they are more chill than the usual hockey hangout.
  • Sierra: Marmalade's best friend, Sierra likes them all. Like Marmalade, it took a while for Gwen to grow on her.
  • Devon: Ryan's delinquent best friend, Devon sometimes hangs out with The Gang if Ryan brings him. The group generally likes him, though they are scared that something bad will happen.
  • Ricardo: Zack's best friend on the football team, Ricardo gets bored easily from hanging out with them, but he likes Nick and Louis.
  • Luke: Nick's best friend, The Gang likes Luke better than they like Nick.
  • Wendy and Melissa: Emma's siblings, The Gang likes both of them. Wendy loves the fact that Emma made such good friends, and Melissa likes to annoy them when they hang out at her house.
  • Noel: Nick's little brother, The Gang views Noel as a small version of Nick, equally as annoying. He likes to hang out with them when they are over Nick's house.
  • Curtis: Louis's other cousin, Curtis doesn't visit them very often, but when he does he gets along with The Gang just fine.
  • Curtis's Friends: The Gang only met Curtis's group of friends twice, but the two groups get along with each other very nicely.
  • Ruth: Ruth is the therapist of Gwen and Marmalade. She has met everybody in the friend group and enjoys their company.


  • All the members of The Gang were intimate with at least one other member at some point
    • Louis dated Marmalade for a long time
    • Louis hooked up with Emma twice
    • Louis kissed Gwen
    • Ryan is married to Gwen
    • Zack used to date Emma
    • Nick briefly dated Erica
    • Nick is currently dating Marmalade
    • Gwen slept with Marmalade
    • Zack and Erica are friends with benefits
  • Most of the members have distinct zodiac signs
    • Louis is Cancer
    • Emma is Virgo
    • Marmalade is Pisces
    • Ryan and Gwen are Aries
    • Zack is Scorpio
    • Erica is Capricorn
    • Nick is Leo
  • All the members of the gang had family issues
    • Louis's father moved to Texas
    • Emma's parents thought she was an abomination
    • Marmalade's biological mother killed herself, and her father was abusive
    • Gwen is an orphan
    • Ryan's parents deported him from Canada
    • Zack's parents abused him and sent him away
    • Erica's parents moved her away to Connecticut
    • Nick has divorced parents
  • All eight of them were assigned natural elements by a fortune teller.
    • Louis is water
    • Emma is nature
    • Marmalade is earth
    • Gwen is ice
    • Ryan is darkness
    • Zack is air
    • Erica is steel
    • Nick is fire
  • All of them have some kind of musical talent
    • Louis sings, plays gutiar and the drums
    • Emma sings, plays guitar
    • Marmalade sings
    • Gwen sings, plays the harp, violin and bass guitar
    • Ryan plays electric guitar
    • Zack plays the flute and guitar
    • Erica plays the piano
    • Nick raps
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